Why You Should Print Your Photos | New York Newborn Photographer

We live in an age where photos live on technology. We all have millions of photos on our phones, our computers, and our social media pages. But how many homes do you go into and notice that they have photos hanging on their walls? What about displayed on their coffee table, bookshelves, or nightstands? It’s easy to get caught up in the digital age we live in! There’s so many amazing things we have because of all of the technology – I mean, look at how far photography has come! However, I think it’s time to sit down and discuss why it’s important to print your photos too.

Having a physical copy of the photographs we’ve made is meaningful. When you look through the timeless images we’ve captured of your newborn or one year old, your new family, or your kids being sweet siblings in our NY studio, they probably make you smile. They evoke emotions from that time in your family’s story, right? Why wouldn’t you want to see them every day? Being able to see your photos every day reminds you of the story your family is creating. It reminds you of the time your family grew by one, about how much you love your kids and your family. There’s something just magical about holding your new canvas in your hand and hanging in on the wall. Or about putting a beautiful portrait on your desk at work so you always see your sweet baby looking at you. If we just keep our photos digitally, they have a tendency to be forgotten about!


One of the reasons I work so closely with families to figure out what might work in their homes is because I truly believe in how important it is to print your photos. Your babies deserve to see themselves on your walls. They want to see how Mommy used to hold them or how Daddy snuggled them tightly. They want to see you too! Printing photos isn’t just about parents or grandparents. It’s really important for all of you to see yourselves together. I currently offer canvas, metal prints, woodblocks, and acrylic prints for families to choose from for their homes. There’s something for every decor style and it helps make sure that your memories don’t get lost or forgotten about in that online album on a phone or computer.  I want you to find products you love that make you proud to display your beautiful portraits. Your entire family deserves to see your story around you!

acrylic block by Brooklyn newborn photographer Rochel Konik Photographywall hanging example for printing photos with Rochel Konik PhotographyRochel Konik Photography photographs cake smash and displays in mini accordion bookkeepsake box for classic newborn portraits by Rochel Konik PhotographyNY newborn photographer Rochel Konik Photography discusses importance of printing photosmetal prints for newborn portraits by Rochel Konik Photography


Rochel Konik Photography is an experienced Brooklyn, New York newborn and children’s photographer who specializes in classic and elegant portraits that are transformed into heirloom products. She loves working with new families to capture their special moments. Review her portfolio and contact her if you’re interested in learning more!