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One of the questions I hear a lot is whether or not it’s worth it to capture sessions between your baby’s newborn portraits and cake smash session. The answer is a resounding YES! Your baby’s first year is so unlike any other that you’ll experience as a parent. And your little one will develop more in this first year than any other that’s coming. The question really should be, why wouldn’t you capture baby’s first year in portraits?

Even just a few days after your little baby arrives home from the hospital and has their newborn portraits, they’ve changed. The days that come after a baby is born are some of the fastest parents experience. You’re learning to take care of a whole other human being – while they constantly change. They’re learning about the world around them and figuring out how to function. The days are such a blur – diapers, feedings, late nights. Before you know it, they’re starting to crawl, sit up, laugh…. and then walk, talk, and be a little toddler. Time just flies by. How are you supposed to remember it if you don’t take the time to photograph those moments?

Milestone sessions are a great chance to capture all of those big milestones that happen between the day they’re born and the day that your baby turns one! These sessions are short and sweet – but allow us to create timeless images in my Brooklyn studio to capture those fun moments for all time. I want you to be able to remember the first time you saw your baby smile, or how proud you were when you saw them sit up alone! Your baby’s first year goes by so fast and there’s so many changes. Being a new parent is hard and I can’t tell you how many parents say they either forget to take photos or take them and never print them. By coming into the studio throughout your little one’s first year, we’ll make sure those special moments live outside your phone – and are remembered! Watching parents look back at their baby’s newborn portraits, 3 month, 6 month and then seeing their baby at their cake smash…. it’s emotional for all of us. These portraits are the perfect way to remember how your baby changed throughout the year.

Capturing your baby’s first year seems like it’s something that isn’t a big deal. Something that you won’t think about much as it happens. But I  promise you, it’s worth thinking about and making a plan with me to ensure all of your special moments are remembered. Make sure your baby’s development is captured and preserved so you never forget what this first year of life was like for all of you.

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