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Newborn photographers are everywhere. New parents can have portraits done at the hospital, the mall, or “by a friend”. And while those options all have their place in the photography world, I want to share a little bit about about why booking a newborn photographer like me can make your entire experience much more enjoyable – and safer. Your new baby has just come into this world! It’s great that you plan to document their arrival with newborn portraits – and a trained newborn photographer like me can help you bring those classic portraits to life. Here’s a few reasons that choosing a professional newborn photographer can make your newborn portrait experience amazing!

Newborn Safety

This is, quite possibly, the most important reason to hire a professional newborn photographer who has be trained. A newborn baby is precious! Professional newborn photographers often train before they start offering sessions so they know how to properly pose and keep a baby happy. This is super important to make sure your baby is safe during a session. Although some poses may be cute, they take a lot of understanding and knowledge to do properly. The last thing you want is for someone to accidentally hurt your little one! Additionally, I’ve been photographing newborns in my Brooklyn studio for years – not only have I been trained, but I have the expertise to ensure your baby stays happy the entire session. I’m patient and won’t rush anyone in the studio! We want to be sure baby is happy and safe! Often times, photographers in studios like J.C. Penny aren’t trained to deal with young babies. They won’t know how to pose them properly or safely. This lack of knowledge can be unsafe, but also will not result in the style of photo you’re looking for!

The Classic Style

Often times, parents are envisioning a very clean, classic, and elegant style for their newborn portraits. However what they don’t always realize is that there’s a lot more that goes into creating that portrait setup than just a baby and a prop. Hospital photographers and portrait studio photographers aren’t usually equipped to provide these setups. If they do have props, they’re usually brightly colored and the same ones everyone else has. Custom newborn photographers, like myself, have carefully curated and designed our studios to help bring the classic newborn portraits to life. I have a variety of props, outfits, and the appropriate setup for newborns to help create classic images your family will love! For many years, I have focused on creating custom classic and elegant images for my clients. With experience, I am able to help my clients choose setups and colors that will fit their baby perfectly (without creating a generic newborn portrait)!

Image Edits

Finally, hospital photographers and store studio photographers do not have the same image editing and processing style that a newborn photographer like myself does. I spend time after each session carefully editing and retouching your family’s photos so that they’re the classic image you’ve dreamed about! Other photographers do not. They simply snap the photo and deliver it to you. While the speed can’t be argued, the care and attention that is put into your final portraits is clearly missing. By giving your portraits the attention they deserve, I am able to ensure that you will love the classic and custom portraits we’ve so carefully created featuring your sweet newborn baby! Additionally, my studio offers heirloom products so that you are able to display your memories proudly! These items are printed on high quality print labs to ensure that their coloring and layouts are not compromised. Often times, store studio photographers print onsite on less-than-stellar printers in order to deliver your prints quickly. This is very obvious when your prints are handed to you. A custom newborn photographer can create a beautiful product with some extra attention and love for you!
A professional newborn photographer like myself prides themselves on creating a custom experience for every client that comes into the studio. I want to give you the time to focus on your baby while creating portraits that capture those early days. Your portraits are more than just photos. They’re your family’s story and they deserve all of the love and attention a photographer can give. I also pride myself on creating a safe and comfortable environment for babies (and children) of all ages, so that portraits become an enjoyable experience for everyone. Been thinking about a custom newborn session? Send me a note today to start planning your family’s one-of-a-kind newborn portrait experience!
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Rochel Konik Photography is an experienced Brooklyn, New York newborn and children’s photographer who specializes in classic and elegant portraits that are transformed into heirloom products. She loves working with new families to capture their special moments. Review her portfolio and contact her if you’re interested in learning more!