Tips for Your Cake Smash with Brooklyn NY Cake Smash Photographer

Cake smashes to celebrate your little one’s first birthday can be so much fun! They’re a great chance to capture some beautiful milestone portraits of your one year old and a fun opportunity for them to celebrate being a toddler. What’s more exciting than a cake you get to make a mess out of without getting into trouble?! Cake smash sessions are fun no matter what happens – but, I thought I’d share a few quick tips on how to make sure your session goes even better than you hoped!

Something Sweet Before Your Session

One mistake I’ve seen families make is that their baby hasn’t had anything sweet like cake before our session. Babies that don’t have a lot of sweets aren’t really sure what to do! I suggest giving your little one some whipped cream on the highchair a few days before our cake smash session. Give them the chance to play around with it, get used to the texture, and even try a little bit. When they come to the studio for their session, the texture of the icing won’t feel so weird to them and they’ll (hopefully) be more likely to really play and get into the cake!

Scheduling Your Session

Schedule your session for after your little one’s nap time! Cranky babies just don’t like getting their photos taken. When we talk about and plan your cake smash session, let me know what time might be best for your little one. Think about what time they’re usually up from their nap and plan to come to my Brooklyn studio after that. Sessions don’t have to be first thing in the morning so don’t stress. Give your little one time to rest and be photo-ready! If your little one is well-rested, we’re more likely to get giggles and laughs… and have an awesome time celebrating together!

Picking Your Color Scheme

Like all of my sessions, your child’s cake smash will be custom designed. I do specialize in classic and elegant setups – even for cake smashes! But, I want to know what your family hopes to see. Think about the colors that are in your home where you might display the photos – or the theme and colors used for your newborn and milestone portraits. Having a group of cohesive and similar colored images can make things like creating an album or wall display so much easier on the eye! It’s a great chance to bring together all of your babies portraits easily. Other ideas for your theme and color scheme may come from your baby’s birthday party theme or favorite interests. These photos aren’t just about the cake – they’re still about documenting your baby’s growth. So figuring out what “matches” them at this time of their live is a great way to remember how things were.

Managing Your Expectations

At the end of the day, your one year old is going to act and do what they want in the studio. For some babies, this means big smiles, giggles, and a full-on dive into the cake. For others, it might mean less interaction with the cake – or none at all. This is completely normal and something I’ve encountered before! Please don’t worry about it!!! No matter what your little one does, we will capture beautiful portraits celebrating their first year of life. Although it’s hard, try not to get hung up on the actual “smash” part of a cake smash. Remember that these portraits are about so much more. Try to come in with an open mind, ready to laugh and smile with your baby, and celebrate with us. Your little one only turns one once!!

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