As we often hear, it is all in the details. This is how we craft an amazing experience from start to finish. Once you book Rochel Konik to create your portraits, you will embark on the artistic journey in creating something you can truly treasure. Rochel will be with you throughout the entire process - to laugh, to cry, to lend a helping hand and ultimately to ensure that memories are not only captured but truly made during your session.


Quite possibly the most important moments of a family's life is introducing a new life into the world. A newborn portrait session is something truly special! There is nothing like that newborn stage when they are just so tiny! Those little faces, tiny fingers and toes - it's such a beautiful time!

Rochel is a baby whisperer - she helps keep your baby content and will be taking care of all the portrait details, so you get to have some quiet time on the couch during the session. Rochel Konik Photography gives mom and dad a relaxing atmosphere and the chance for a much-needed break. Rochel's goal is to make the experience wonderful for everyone!

New babies are perfect portrait subjects at around 6-15 days old, when they are still sleepy and curly. To ensure a sitting, it is highly advised to book your session while you are still pregnant. For babies that were not overdue, you may have a grace period of a few extra days. Early babies and twins can also be just slightly older. While Rochel will do her best to accommodate last minute bookings, it is essential to book your session well ahead of your baby's arrival to ensure the very best service for you.

If your baby is older than 15 days and has missed the "window of time" for the curly shots, that's OK! Although babies older than two weeks might not curl up as easily or like having their clothes off, beautiful images can be captured at any stages.

Newborn sessions can last anywhere between 2-4 hours - it all depends on how your baby is feeling on the session day. The whole session is a very calm, slow & gentle experience, that flows at the pace of your baby for maximum comfort. 

baby girl asleep on a pink blush backdrop, newborn photography

Newborn Session Collections start at $695

$250 deposit is required upon booking to reserve a session day on Rochel Konik's calendar



little girl in basket with floral necklace draped around her feet, baby photography

Milestone sessions are perfect for babies 4 to 10 months old. The breathtaking moments of your baby's first push-ups, roll-overs, sit-ups and crawls are simply precious and truly worth capturing in a form of a beautiful image.

Each milestone session is individually tailored to suit yours and your baby's needs and usually lasts about an hour. Booking your session in advance will help everyone prepare well and make the time spent in the studio worth every second of it. Rochel Konik will be guiding you every step of the way to ensure the most pleasant and satisfactory experience for you and your little one.

Milestones session collections start at $495

$150 deposit is required upon booking to reserve a session day on Rochel Konik's calendar



The 1st birthday is a special day and the cake smash celebration session is a fun and memorable way to mark the day. It's a session guaranteed to be fun... and messy!

The cake smash photoshoot is divided into three phases:

1. A birthday portrait. Rochel will capture some portraits of your little one using a few simple sets and props to go in line with the minimalistic portrait philosophy - your child needs to be the focus of the image!

2. The cake is really just an excuse for an edible & messy play. Some love to eat the cake, some are not quite sure what to make of it. But they all have lots of fun playing with it!

3. A bubble bath. The perfect opportunity to clean off all the frosting and keep your baby in one spot for some close-up portraits. I have yet to meet a one-year old that doesn't enjoy a splash in a tub!

Cake smash collage of different styles of photography, cake smash photography

Cake Smash Session collections start at $495

$150 deposit is required upon booking to reserve a session day on Rochel Konik's calendar.