Choosing Your Newborn Setup | Tips from New York Newborn Photographer

Now that you’ve scheduled your newborn portrait session with me, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of colors and setup we’re going to have during your session! Although this might seem like something that can be thrown together, there’s actually quite a few factors I consider when planning your baby’s newborn portrait session in my studio. When we’re planning, I’ll ask you a few questions so here’s a few things to think about when answering!


Think about the colors you like. Maybe take a look at your home decor and your closet. Do you tend to gravitate towards dark colors or pastels? For your baby, are you finding that you’re sticking with a lot of neutrals or maybe more gender specific colors? It’s also important to think about your little one’s skin tone! Sometimes there is a color we start to love on our babies. That’s something important to tell me! I will also ask about your baby’s coloring so that I can use my experience to choose the perfect colored wraps from my collection to use during your session. It’s also worthwhile to think about the colors you like on yourself so that you can think about what to wear for your portraits with baby!

Using Your Photos

Something else to consider is what you plan to do with the portraits we capture in my Brooklyn NY studio. This is especially true if you plan to invest in wall art. Think about where you might want to proudly display your baby’s portraits. By choosing colors that already fit in your decor, it will be easy to add your beautiful portraits to your living spaces and display them. When I design your wall art, I make sure to incorporate colors from the inspiration you’ve given me so that we’re able to better envision how things will look in your home!

Your Inspiration

At the end of the day, I want to design a setup that you love for your sweet baby! So if there’s colors, themes, or something you love, make sure you tell me. Taking a look at my portfolio and other blog posts can be a great way to see examples of other setups I’ve done for babies. Sometimes parents find this can help their inspiration – and spark an idea about the colors they may like. I love creating custom elegant setups for each baby, but there’s nothing saying we can’t be inspired by another session! Anything you have in mind is useful for me to know! Perhaps you’re inspired by family heirlooms, other sessions, or just the theme of your baby’s nursery. Whatever it is, we will turn it into something classic and perfect!

Planning your newborn session is meant to be fun – and I love taking the inspiration you give me and creating a beautiful setup for your custom session. In fact, it’s one of the things I love most about my job! Each baby is unique and so each setup should be too! Your little baby deserves the very best!

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Rochel Konik Photography is an experienced Brooklyn, New York newborn and children’s photographer who specializes in classic and elegant portraits that are transformed into heirloom products. She loves working with new families to capture their special moments. Review her portfolio and contact her if you’re interested in learning more!